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AVALON-functions differently to any other existing chips. Current chips clevery draw triangles on the computer screen, which are enhanced to represent realistic surfaces by the application of textures and 3D effects produced by the previously mentioned Z-Buffer. 

AVALON-Chip renders each pixel individually. While triangles and textures are also employed for the construction of virtual space, each individual pixel is calculated and colored true to optical and physical laws. These calculations are substantially more complicated than current approaches. 


1.) The calculations take substantially longer
2.) The chip is more complex

The algorithms developed by RaytracingTechnology have reduced the time required to calculate an individual pixel significantly. Consequently a meaningful competitive advantage can be achieved. The complexity of such chips can be efficiently managed with tools currently available in the field of chip production.

This chip offers new quality differentiators to the market. At last there is a new benchmark with which to measure chip performance. As a result of this new process, effects can be achieved which other chips can only partially, if at all, attain.

It can be realistically expected that rendering will replace the Z-Buffer algorithms. As soon as AVALON is launched, it will emerge as one of the leading chips with this level of quality in terms of accuracy and speed.