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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary
AVALON is a product which enables the representation of 3D-Graphics in realtime on a next generation mass market console, arcade system or also home PC. It is capable of calculating and delivering up to 25 images per second on low-performant PC hardware using the so called raytracing process.

AVALON consists of a combination of hard and software - in effect a Microchip and a software component (device driver) which pipes data to the chip.

AVALON may be regarded as an enhancement/extension to the graphics card. The driver in conjunction with the chip expands the funcionality of the graphics system to include a photorealistic graphics capability.

In this regard the product is entirely without comparison. Generally, the raytracing method is not suitable to render pictures at such a speed. In effect, the technologies available on the market currently could at best hope to achieve the performance level of AVALON in ten years time. This is primarily due to the intensive development effort personally invested in the creation of the algorithms over a number of years. By using the Raytracing-Method, AVALON surpasses the quality and accuracy of all currently available graphics interfaces on the market, i.e. OpenGL or Direct3D.

In order to produce and market AVALON, it is now necessary to identify partners with access to sufficient resources. Essentially, resources will be required to develop the chip (design prototype) and initiate the subsequent production process. Additionally, a partner will be required for the production and distribution of the graphics cards.

From the start, AVALON will offer world market appeal through its cutting edge technology and innovation lead. I am hoping for active support from established graphics hardware manufacturers and/or venture capital organisations in the future sale and marketing of AVALON.